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SEO Strategy

How come your competitors keep ranking higher than you in the Google search bar? It's very simple: their SEO is better than yours.

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Boost your visibility, traffic, and conversion rate with just 1 click

SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy, also known as natural referencing, is a set of tools and techniques used to increase your ranking on search engines. Your goal is to land a spot on the first page of Google, otherwise your chances of getting noticed by users are pretty slim. Easy right? Quite the contrary: Google has a regularly updated list of over 500 criteria to determine which sites will be awarded the best positioning. When it comes to SEO, you’re in it for the long-haul, but if done right, you can win big.

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Google Ads at a glance

  • 60

    The first 3 organic results take home almost 60% of clicks on search engines. That’s why it’s so important to rank well in natural search results.

  • 80

    When searching online, 75% of people don’t venture further than the first page on Google.

  • 3.5

    About 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day.


A complex, yet necessary strategy

Internal linking

First things first, we need to differentiate between two types of SEO-improving activities: those which take place inside your site, and those which take place outside your site. Internal linking refers to activities that allow search engines to better understand and rank your site based on its content. Choosing the right keywords, meta descriptions, content tags, and type of user experience are a few examples of what's involved in internal link building.

External linking

External linking refers to activities which take place outside of your site, but which still help boost your SEO. To guide users towards the right content, robots will favour websites which are popular with users. Implementing a solid link building strategy is one of the main ways you can prove to Google that your company means business. In this way, search engines will give you a score to show how you stack up against your competitors, and which of your websites is the most reliable. The winner will secure the top spot in the Google rankings.

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