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We carefully select the clients we want to team up with, so that we can work with companies who are as driven as we are. If you're burning to see your business thrive, then you've come to the right place.

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Who we are

Webize: The new-generation marketing agency

In an age where innovation is key, Webize was born out of a unique blend of top talent from diverse backgrounds. At Webize, we share a passion for transforming businesses, redefining success, and going the extra mile. It all started with Jonathan, Cynthia, and Pier-Olivier, a group of entrepreneurs from various walks of life, each bringing their own brand of experience and expertise to the table. From accountancy and marketing through to technology, we pooled our know-how to create a new-generation agency.

We realized that the world of marketing was changing, that clients wanted more than just traditional campaigns—technology had become the key to delivering real results. Every day, we take on unique challenges and tailor our expertise to fit each of our clients.

Today, Webize isn't just a marketing agency, it's a partner. A partner that pushes boundaries, transforms businesses, and is dedicated to the success of its clients.

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Our promise, our values

What we stand for


We always give it our all, whatever the challenge. We are tireless in our quest for efficiency and continuous improvement.


We believe that striking the right work-life balance is the key to giving the best of ourselves each day.


At Webize, we love throwing ideas around—innovation is encouraged for all, from new starters to senior managers, and collaboration is at the heart of our culture.

Respect and equality

We treat every individual and every project as an equal, creating an environment of trust and fostering lifelong relationships. At Webize, everyone can do their bit and leave a lasting mark on our future.

Our team

A top team,
by your side


Web strategist, co-owner
Cynthia Girouard
Business development, co-owner
Pier-Olivier Gosselin
marketing de sites Web au québec
Full Stack developer, co-owner
Jonathan Roy
programmeur full stack
Full Stack developer
Étienne Bergeron-Paquet
programmeur full stack
Full Stack developer
Karl Bouchard
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