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Marketing automation

By opting to automate certain aspects of your web marketing strategy, you'll save yourself valuable time that can be put back into growing your business. Optimize your sales strategy with web campaigns that do all the work for you!

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Effortlessly boost your sales

Marketing automation is gaining more and more ground among entrepreneurs, and for good reason: it's a unique investment that can generate results beyond your wildest expectations, and fast. It's an innovative solution for building customer loyalty and maximizing sales, while also freeing up your time so you can concentrate on what really matters—running your business.

At Webize, we use the latest technology to understand your customers' buying habits and create automated campaigns that really meet their needs. Whether it's a welcome email to greet a new subscriber to your newsletter, or a reminder to purchase the items waiting in their shopping cart, we'll automate your recurring actions so you can maximize sales and cultivate your customer base without having to lift a finger.


Automated marketing at a glance

  • 30

    30% of your time can be saved with marketing automation

  • 72

    72% of consumers prefer email as a method of communicating with companies

  • 760

    760% increase in revenue—that’s what you can achieve with a segmented, automated campaign (Campaign Monitor, 2023)


The four promises of marketing automation

More productivity

Do you dream of devoting yourself entirely to your passion, but spend a lot of time on other essential tasks, such as accounting or... marketing? With our automation solutions, you can get back to what really matters to you. What's more, you'll be able to save up to 12% of your marketing expenses and reallocate them to tasks that will boost your productivity.

More sales

A prospect is twice as likely to open a personalized email than a generic newsletter—that's why automation delivers a much higher conversion rate. How many of your customers abandon their shopping cart without completing their purchase? Which product would they have bought if it had been presented to them in the right way? Often, a simple reminder at the right moment is enough to clinch a sale. Generate up to eight times more revenue by letting automated marketing do the heavy lifting for you.

Automated, personalized communications

Say goodbye to repetitive, inefficient tasks with intelligent lead segmentation and high-performance targeting, for maximum conversion rates. Marketing automation lets you personalize your campaigns on a massive scale, whether it's reminding a customer to reorder their favourite drink, or encouraging another to snap up their dream coat. Sales are within your grasp!

Detailed reports to better understand your customers

By drawing up regular reports for you, we are able to gain key insights into your website visitors' consumption behaviour and adjust our strategy accordingly. Thanks to a subtle blend of human and artificial intelligence, each of your campaigns will evolve over time to deliver an experience that's continuously tailored to your users. These reports also enable you to see the real impact of your marketing strategy as your business develops.

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