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Web app development

Proud of a team with several decades of expertise in creating large-scale web platforms for experienced clients, we are ready to propel your project as far as it deserves.

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From your vision to the eyes of the world !

Our web development services cover a diverse range, from creating bespoke applications to redesigning existing websites to adapt them to your current needs. Our expertise will guide you from functional development, through the development phase to the marketing of your platform.

More than a simple programming service, we offer you the strength of a marketing team combined with that of technical experts to help you develop the best possible platform for your market, and a strategy to reach this market and make it grow.

In numbers

  • 48

    48% of companies believe that outsourcing their IT development helps them innovate more quickly. (Source: Deloitte)

  • 40

    Well-trained and experienced development teams can reduce the number of bugs in software by 40-90%. (Source: Capers Jones, Software Engineering Institute)

  • 10x

    Projects that are poorly executed or not planned properly can cost 10 times more in long-term maintenance. (Source: Standish Group)

A range of expertise at the service of your success!

Building to innovate and to last

At Webize, we are not just software developers, we are digital architects who create strong foundations for innovation and sustainability of your platform. Our team is focused on efficiency, always on the lookout for new trends to help you stay ahead of the competition.

User experience above all, on all platforms

An efficient and innovative interface is always the basis of a successful web application. This is why we work closely with a team specialized in user experience (UX) who will make the use of your platform intuitive and easy to use. From mobile device, tablet to conventional desktop, no user will be left behind.

Close collaboration for a result that matches your vision

Based on a delivery and development methodology guaranteeing continuous monitoring week after week, you will be able to see your project born and grow before your eyes while always keeping both hands on the wheel. Thanks to continuous and punctual delivery, you will always have access to the most recent developments and can ensure that everything corresponds to your vision and respects planned delivery times.

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